October is Audiology Awareness Month

True or False?

All hearing care professionals have the same level of training and expertise


When searching for hearing healthcare, Doctors of Audiology have the most extensive training to ensure proper diagnosis and follow-up treatment plans.

All technology and investment levels are available in rechargeable and have Bluetooth capability


These features are not reserved for “top of the line” technology and can be obtained at any level.

Hearing aids will cost the same no matter where I purchase them from


The cost of hearing aids is largely dependent on the technology needed to fit the patient’s needs, the follow-up services included, and the expertise of the professional you are working with.

Once my hearing aids are programmed for me, I do not have to see my Audiology until my next hearing test


Hearing aids are technical instruments that must be maintained routinely. Our office recommends a 4-6 month schedule for our patients.